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7 September 2011
Prehistoric bones returned to Canadian First Nation

The ancient remains of 142 members of a First Nation have been repatriated in a grave in British Columbia, decades after being dug up by archaeologists.
     Members of the Heiltsuk First Nation and retired Simon Fraser University archaeologist Roy Carlson supervised the reburial on the small island of Namu, off the northern end of Vancouver Island. Carlson was part of excavation team that dug up the bones in 1977, some of the remains dating back 4,500 years.
     Carlson says analysis of the ancestral remains may yield important information for the Heiltsuk. "(They) are very proud of the fact that the archaeology indicates their ancestors have been here for a very, very long period of time." He expects that the DNA will show what other peoples in the world the Heiltsuk may be related to. "Also, the isotopic analyses will show what resources were used in the past, and they should be able to tell us how much salmon people were eating." Carlson said.

Edited from CTV News (3 September 2011)

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