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30 September 2011
Volunteers needed to collapse a replica broch

The Caithness Archaeological Trust (CAT) is currently in the process of reconstructing a full sized broch, in Spittal Quarry (Caithness, Scotland). The idea is to construct the broch and then knock a section down, to understand how they collapse. It is hoped that this will help archaeologists who uncover ruined brochs in the future. The project is called STONEworks Early architecture Project.
     The idea is to deposit items in specific locations in the broch wall, as it is constructed, and then see where they eventually end up when it is collapsed. In addition to the broch construction CAT will also be carrying out traditional skills workshops, childrens activities, guided walks and talks.
     The Caithness Archaeological Trust was set up in 2002 to promote all aspects of archaeology in Caithness and to re-engage the local residents with their heritage. They are working alongside another local organisation, the Archie Sinclair Fossil Centre, which is a local hall and exhibition run by Caithness residents and housing a collection of fossils and a film show of the local Flagstone Industry.
     Also involved in the project is the AOC Archaeology Group, whose officer Charlotte Douglas, is quoted as saying "We'd really love to see more volunteers on site - of any age. Volunteers are welcome to turn up on site as and when they please. No registration or commitment is required, but all assistance will be gratefully received".
     Sessions started last September 19th and will last through October 15th - 9am to 5pm daily (not Sundays). To take part or for more information, please contact Derek of Caithness Archaeological Trust email@caithnessarchaeology.org.uk  Tel: 01593 731 269.

Edited from John O'Groat Journal, Caithness Courier (25 September 2011)

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