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17 October 2011
Volunteers help preserve ancient sites in Shropshire

Restoration teams have spent the past few days working to protect the remains of a Bronze Age barrow and Iron Age fort, 400 metres above the Shropshire plain, in the west of England.
    Pete Lambert, from Shropshire Wildlife Trust, said The Wrekin held a special place in the history of the area which needed to be preserved for future generations. "We have been repairing a Bronze Age barrow exposed by erosion which could have been built as a burial chamber 5,000 years ago. We are covering it with matting and then sowing it with grass seed to protect it from further damage."
    The Wrekin was once home to the Celtic Cornovii tribe which built the fort and called it their capital. It covers about 8 hectares.
    Lambert adds: "Hell Gate, the earthwork entrance created by the Cornovii, has also suffered extensive erosion and is being restored."

Edited from Shropshire Star (5 October 2011)

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