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20 October 2011
In search of a second passage at Newgrange

Archaeologists are examining whether one of the most popular ancient sites of Ireland may have more to it than meets the eye. Using technology that has proven successful at the pyramids in Egypt, teams from Ireland and Slovakia are exploring the possibility that Newgrange in Co Meath may have a second passage, and it too could be aligned with a solstice event.
     "The absolute best-case scenario would be to demonstrate there is an undiscovered passage and chamber within Newgrange because the mound has not been fully excavated," said Dr Conor Brady, archaeologist with Dundalk Institute of Technology. The northwest side of the mound has never been excavated, he said, so "it is technically possible there is something there".
     Newgrange is synonymous with sunrise on the winter solstice and light entering the chamber. The neighbouring mounds at Knowth and Dowth both have two passages, so the presence of a second passage at Newgrange cannot be excluded yet.

Edited from Irish Independent (18 October 2011)

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