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13 December 2011
5,000-year-old burial sites discovered in Oman

Burial sites at least 5,000 year old have been discovered in Oman by archaeologists working on the Sohar Heritage Project.
     "An area of 600sqkm has been covered and many new sites have been found that will shed light on Oman and its glorious past," said Biubwa Ali Al Sabri, Director of Excavation and Archaeological Sites at the Ministry of Heritage and Culture. She added that many of the sites found are burial sites dating back to the Wadi Souq period (1900- 1100 BCE). "Also older sites that are as old as 5000 years have been found and a distinctive pattern can be seen within the area that stretches from Liwa to Gyal as Shabol," pointed out the Omani archaeology expert.
     Sohar Heritage Project, in its final year of work, is now involved in a survey of the mining sites in the Sohar town. "Mining played an important role during the prehistory of Oman in general and especially to Sohar where the copper trade was thriving," pointed out the Omani archaeologist. She also pointed out that earlier excavations in Sohar had unearthed proofs of Oman's connections both with India, China and the city states of Mesopotamia.

Edited from Gulf News (11 December 2011)

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