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31 December 2011
Syria: Early Bronze Age tomb discovered

The excavations department at the Aleppo Archeology and Museums Directorate uncovered an ancient burial chamber dating back to early Bronze Age at the village of Sousan, 12 km west of Ein al-Arab town (Syria).
     Director of Aleppo Archeology and Museums Dr. Yousef Kanjo said that the burial chamber was carved in limestone and accessible through a narrow entrance facing south ending in a circular stone door measuring 100 cm in diameter, leading into the oval-shaped burial chamber. He said that the excavations uncovered the remains of 8 skeletons of different ages and in different positions, most of them in a crouching position with the head facing north.
     Other finds include funerary artifacts such as pottery like dishes, cups and other wares dating back to the early Bronze age in addition to a bone fragment decorated with interlocking geometric shapes, bronze awls, a spear tip, a hammer, a bull-shaped figurine, and ornamental accessories including a bracelet, a necklace and beads.

Edited from SANA (27 December 2011)

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