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19 January 2012
Bronze Age boat to take to Cornish waters after 4,000 years

Between 1937 and 1963 the remains of three Bronze Age ships were found on the foreshore of the river Humber, on the east coast of England. Now a professor from Exeter University (UK), Robert Van de Noort, has teamed up with a professional boat builder to re-create one of the ships. Bronze Age tools will be used to create a 16 metre boat out of oak planks, stitched with yew stems.
     Professor Van de Noort is quoted as saying "Because none of the boats have ever been found as complete this project will seek to understand, how they were constructed, how to steer such a long boat, measure how fast it can go, understand how the crew used paddles (as sails were not evident) and how watertight it is."
     The boat will be constructed at the National Maritime Museum in Falmouth, Cornwall and will form part of its '2012 BC Cornwall and the Sea in the Bronze Age' exhibition.

Edited from Western Morning News (14 January 2012)

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