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19 February 2012
Callanish stones may stop wind farm

Governmental agency Historic Scotland says the proposed installation of two 67-metre high wind turbines on the island of Great Bernera, nearly 8 kilometres away from the famous Callanish Stones, a cross-shaped setting of standing stones erected around 2000 BCE, would spoil the prehistoric landscape and should not be permitted. There are also objections over the potential effect on golden eagles and otters.
     Recently, the planning committee deferred its decision for four weeks so it could receive more information about the environmental impact, but the council's planning officer recommends refusal so the case may eventually end up in front of the Scottish Government.
     A petition with 98 signatures opposing the development has been challenged by crofter Norman MacDonald, who believes some of the signatures are false, adding that some objectors have a conflict of interest in regard to other renewable energy proposals in the area, while others do not live locally. There are individual representations for and against the plans. The closest neighbours do not object.

Edited from Hebrides News (8 February 2012)

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