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19 February 2012
Ancient goldmine discovered in Ethiopia

An ancient goldmine discovered on a hill on the Gheralta plateau in northern Ethiopia is said to be the treasure trove of Queen of Sheba, the biblical legend who traveled from Ethiopia to Israel to meet King Solomon about 3,000 years ago.
     Called by different names such as Balqis in Islamic tradition and Makeda in Ethiopian culture, the queen is mentioned everywhere in biblical history as the 'Queen of Sheba'. Legend has it that she was charmed by the king's wisdom, and gifted him four and a half tons of gold.
     The source of her wealth has remained a mystery. However, British archaeologist Louise Schofield claims to have discovered an enormous gold mine, which she believes was the possible origin.
     An excavation team led by Schofield, a former British Museum curator, has found the entrance to the mine, covered with a stone slab 6 meters tall carved with a sun and crescent moon. Those symbols, along with Sabaean inscriptions, and remnants of a temple to Sheba's deity, the Moon God, found near the excavation site indicate that the mine belonged to Sheba, according to Schofield.

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