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9 March 2012
3,000-year-old logboat goes on show

A Bronze Age logboat, rescued from the River Tay (Scotland) 6 years ago, is about to go on show to the public.
     Originally identified over 11 years ago, the 'Carpow' logboat had to be rescued from the tidal mud and sand during narrow windows of time, during the summer months, at low tide. The logboat is so called as it is made from a whole tree trunk, in this case, oak. As soon as the logboat had been exposed there was ac race against time to preserve it before it started to disintegrate as it dried out. Part of the bow had been lost to erosion but, other than that, the boat was remarkably intact. The preserved boat has now been transported to the Perth Museum and Art Gallery where it will remain on display.
     Councillor Liz Grant is quoted as saying "Painstaking work has enabled the Carpow logboat to be made ready so that we can all discover more about life locally thousands of years ago. It's great that we have the chance to highlight the ancient history of Perth and Kinross area as the Museum reopens after important improvements."

Edited from The Courier (28 February 2012)

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