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14 July 2012
Bronze Age workshop found in Cyprus

A wide Bronze Age workshop complex was identified during the 2012 fieldwork season undertaken by the Italian Archaeological Mission Università degli Studi di Firenze, at the site of Erimi-Laonin tou Porakou in Cyprus. According to the Department of Antiquities, the workshop complex covers an area measuring 20 x 20m which is currently under investigation.
     In the Storage Area I (SA I) a series of installations a circular hearth, a rounded and rectangular basin, and jars and pithoi emplacements, were found directly carved into the plaster floor or directly built on it, thus hinting to a multi-functional room. In the Workshop Complex an extended area of 10 m. towards the West was investigated and three new rooms (SA III, SA IV, SA V) were exposed.
     The ceramic assemblage of the two Phases clearly hints to a typical production of the South Coast horizon of the Early to Late Bronze Age I period, with a large percentage of Red-Polished and less attested Drab-Polished ware. Furthermore, a collection of stone tools, clay spindle-whorls with incised decoration and loom-weights were recorded, thus supporting the interpretation of the workshop complex, as an area mainly dedicated to textiles activities.
     The results of this year's investigations confirmed the occupation of the site throughout two main phases ranging from the end of the Early to the very beginning of Late Bronze Age period (EC II/III-LC I).
Edited from In Cyprus (5 July 2012)

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