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22 September 2012
Restoration work begins on Giant's Quoit dolmen

A year-long project to restore an ancient monument that could be 6,000 years old has begun near Camborne, Cornwall, in the extreme southwest of England (Land's End).
     Carwynnen Quoit, sometimes known as the Giant's Quoit, collapsed in 1966 - some say as a result of an earth tremor. For years people have longed to see it rebuilt. Now, thanks to local fundraising and a grant from the heritage Lottery Fund, work has started.
     A three-week long archaeological dig will help to work out exactly how to put it all back together.
     The giant capstone - sometimes known locally as 'The Devil's Frying Pan' - was first lifted away by crane. It weighs 10 tonnes. One of the three uprights weighed in at 2 tonnes. The crane is due back in a year or so's time to help re-erect the stones, as they were in Neolithic times.

Edited from BBC News (11 September 2012)

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