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14 November 2012
Stone triumphs over wind

For a brief moment in time the needs of our heritage have triumphed over our ever increasing need for energy. In the wilds of Northumberland (UK) lies an ancient monument known as the 'Duddo Five Stones'. This ancient sandstone circle has been sitting on the top of a slight windswept saddle for over 4,000 years. Originally the circle comprised seven stones but two were removed at least 170 years ago. From this slightly elevated location the stones have an uninterrupted 360 degree panoramic view to the horizon. But this idyllic setting was under severe threat of being blighted by a 74 metre high wind turbine, until the Planning Committee of the local Council, following advice from the County archaeologist, unanimously rejected the application.
     The Case Officer, Frances Wilkinson, is quoted as saying "It is considered that the proposal would have a very damaging effect on the appreciation of the Duddo Stone Circle from the main approach and that its setting would not be preserved. Significant weight does need to be given to the benefits of the proposal, however, the harm to the setting of the Duddo Stone Circle SAM (scheduled ancient monument) is considered to outweigh these benefits. The proposal is consequently considered to be unacceptable".
     How long the council will be able to hold off the inevitable advance of energy demands is in the lap of the Gods.

Edited from Power Engineering International (4 October 2012), The Heritage Journal (7 October 2012)

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