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21 December 2012
Bronze Age surprise discovery in Suffolk

A treasure hunter unearthed a socketed bronze axe at North Cove, near Beccles - by the North Sea, northeast of London. Inside it were 5 gold rings. Experts at London's British Museum say the hoard dates from between 1000 and 800 BCE.
     Dr Andrew Brown, Suffolk County Council Archaeological Service, said while Bronze Age axes were a common find in Suffolk, the five gold rings were an altogether different matter. "I think it is the first grouping of its kind found in Suffolk."
     The North Cove find is the latest of a long line of Bronze Age discoveries in the region. In June a Bronze Age pot containing human remains was found in King's Lynn, in November 2011 ancient pins and torques were found in Gorleston, and in June 2010 a Bronze Age field system - the first evidence of its kind in Norfolk.

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