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8 January 2013
Iron Age village uncovered in England

The remains of the recently discovered village in Barton Seagrave, 125 kilometres north-northwest of London, was made in advance of housing development.
     Carol Simmonds, from Northamptonshire Archaeology, said: "Archaeologically, the site suggests that people lived and farmed there for a long period of time dating from at least the Middle Iron Age [about 400 to 100 BCE] through to Anglo-Saxon times [410 to 1066 CE]."
     The Middle Iron Age village is believed to have had at least 11 circular timber post round houses. Quantities of pottery, including whole vessels, have been recovered from this period along with animal bone and quern stones for grinding corn.
     At least four Anglo-Saxon structures called 'grubenhaus' or 'pit house' have been found, along with pottery, animal bone, worked bone, and spindle whorls used in the production of yarn. Archaeologists will continue to keep an eye on parts of the site when construction begins.

Edited from Northamtonshire Telegraph (5 January 2013)

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