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5 February 2013
Guernsey Neolithic grave protection plan submitted

A Neolithic grave in Guernsey could be half-buried in soil and grassed-over to preserve it. Guernsey Museums and Art Galleries has asked for planning permission to conduct the work in Delancey Park and put up an information sign.
     States Archaeologist Dr Philip de Jersey said the Neolithic gallery grave was the only example of its type found in Guernsey, and that covering part of the stones would hopefully protect them. He said other Neolithic graves in the island tended to be passage graves with a wider chamber.
     The grave was discovered and excavated in 1919, 1932 and in the summers from 2009-2011. Dr de Jersey said: "It's collapsed, the capstones have long since vanished and what we have now are just the prop stones along each side, which have all fallen over in the past few thousand years." Archaeologist Dr George Nash, who led the most recent work, recommended the site should be enhanced and marked as one of educational value.

Edited from BBC News (30 January 2013)

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