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15 April 2013
4000-year-old artifacts found in Bhopal

Archaeologists are digging up 4000-year-old Copper Age stone tools and earthenware in a remote village on the banks of river Narmada, in the Harda district of Bhopal, in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh - probably the most important archaeological finds ever made in the region.
     Pankaj Rag, Archaeology Department Commissioner, said a mound of 150 by 200 metres was discovered in the village of Birjakhedi. "The more we are digging the surface, the more treasures are being found. Some even have figures of aquatic creatures on them."
     Other surprises were plaques, stone beads and game pieces made of terracotta. Bowls, dishes and spouted jars prove this was the period when humans started building homes and settled in colonies near the river banks. According to archaeologists DK Mathur and Dr OP Mishra, some of the pots and jars were found intact with their bottoms stuck in the mud. Some of the pieces have coloured impressions. Jewellery beads found at the site are made of both stone and ivory.
     The government believes the discoveries will prove to be much more important and have greater significance compared to other finds ranging across different times and areas on the banks of river Narmada.

Edited from India Today (7 April 2013)

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