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14 May 2013
Beaker burial ground uncovered in Scotland

Human remains and earthen vessels dating to the Bronze Age 'Beaker' settlers were uncovered at Duns Law, in southeast Scotland. The finds are estimated to be 4500 years old.
     Simon Brassey, Scottish Water's specialist engineer on their environment team said: "Whilst stripping back the topsoil to prepare the ground for the new water mains being laid, the team uncovered some significant archaeological findings adjacent and outside of the scheduled monument of Duns Law Fort and Camp, north of Duns in the Scottish Borders."
     The finds include the cremated bones of a woman and other fragments of human bone from at least two other adults and a juvenile. Up to seven earthen vessels from the Beaker era were revealed, each decorated with comb-impressions with different geometric patterns. A stone axe was also found.
     The burial pit involved a complex construction process and probably encompasses several different periods. It was first dug, then two small shallow scoops excavated at the base of the pit where the vessels containing the possessions of the Beaker dead were placed and covered over. Large angular stones were also sunk into the pit. It is thought that when filled, the pit may have had a mound or cairn over the top to denote the burial ground.

Edited from The Berwickshire News (11 May 2013)

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