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17 July 2013
'New Stonehenge' tourist attraction proposed

Plans have been unveiled for another Stonehenge to be built in Wiltshire (England) using different-coloured stones from around the world. New Stonehenge would include yurts for visitors to stay in, a planetarium and an observatory, and be located about 6 kilometres from the existing circle. The project is currently in the planning stages while the team behind it seeks funding for consultation on the environmental impact.
     Project leader Colin Shearing said the new Stonehenge circle would be built with stones imported from different countries around the world, with each one matching a colour of the spectrum. He said the entire structure will be polished and set into a floor of white quartz granite and surrounded by a white stone wall. It is planned for the attraction to host events such as summer concerts and festivals as well as conferences and weddings.

Edited from BBC News (28 June 2013)

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