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25 August 2013
Stone circle discovered in Ukraine

A team of archaeologists discovered an ancient burial ground with rich tombs and a stone circle during research in the Roman camp in the village Kartal - Orłówka in Ukraine.
     Excavations were conducted jointly by archaeologists and students from the Department of Archaeology, Institute of History of the University of Opole under the direction of Dr. Magdalena Przysiężna-Pizarska, Wrocław branch of the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology PAS, in collaboration with scientists from the Faculty of History and Archaeological Museum in Odessa.
     "It was surprising that in an area where we expected to find the edge of the cemetery and a small number of objects, we discovered a 3000-year-old stone circle with rich graves" - the study leader said.
     Archaeologists found 2,500-year-old burials of the so-called Hallstatt period containing bronze bracelets, vessels including cups and bowls, placed at the head of the deceased. The burials also contained stones under the heads of the deceased, which archaeologists interpret as supports for the head. The dead were positioned on the north - south axis, in a contracted position on the right side, with legs pulled up and hands pressed against chest.
     The work was funded by the Institute of History, University of Opole and Wrocław branch of the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology PAS. The participants were students from Poland, Ukraine, Moldova and Romania. The study took place from late June to late July.

Edited from Science and Scholarship in Poland (21 August 2013)

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