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14 October 2013
Archaeo News: back online!

In life, the unexpected rules. Many of our readers already know that we were about to leave our home on the shores of the Lake of Bracciano to move to Bologna, a lively city in northern Italy. We made careful plans so to have (almost) everything under control, with the aim - among many other things - to avoid any long disruption of the Archaeo News service.
     So, after a few gasps and hiccups, last September 14th we moved to Bologna. But then, the unexpected: both Diego's parents - who lives in Rome - had to be hospitalized for different reasons a few days one after the other.
     As the Archaeo News staff is currently composed by Diego, Paola and two invaluable volunteer editors (Wolf and Clive), if the editor in chief is missing for any reason, everything stops. We know that a full-fledged news service should always have a backup for any editorial member or at least a plan B, but this time everything had to be stopped, because Diego - being an only child - had to take care of his parents for several weeks in Rome, while at the same time Paola had to take care of our two kids in Bologna.
     Over the last month and a half we received many messages complaining for the interruption of the service, but we hope you can understand that when we must give priority to more urgent things in our lives, we are forced to put aside everything that is not essential. Our apologies also to those who have bought our € 0.89 /$ 0.99 / £ 0.69 app: for such a tiny sum you are entitled to get unlimited news, but our time and resources are limited, and we cannot possibly survive with the € 20 we are earning each month through the selling of those apps.
     Anyway, now the good news: as Diego's parents are now back home and are slowly recovering, our whole family got reunited once again in Bologna, so we can resume our Archaeo News service, even if we have still no fast Internet connection nor phone lines. In any case, we are planning new strategies to avoid such a long interruption will happen ever again.
     We believe that this glimpse in our personal lives will allow you understand much better the reason why we have sent you no archaeological news since last September. Thanks for your patience and understanding!
Source: Archaeo News (14 October 2013)

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