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14 November 2013
Dig reveals secrets of prehistoric Cambridge

A huge archaeological dig on the edge of Cambridge (Cambridgeshire, England) has uncovered evidence of people living in the area in prehistoric times. In what is described as the largest single excavation undertaken in the city, experts have uncovered traces of field systems, enclosures and settlements dating back to the Middle Bronze Age. Finds include pottery and metalwork, among them a bronze spearhead, and a variety of body parts, including human skulls.
    The excavation has been taking place on the site of Cambridge's new housing settlement, Great Kneighton, led by a team from Oxford Archaeology East. In all, more than 100 archaeologists and volunteers have been involved.
    Archaeologist Richard Mortimer said: "Crop mark analysis and a previous survey at Great Kneighton had suggested that archaeology would be present, but the site threw up far more extensive and unusual remains than expected. It has undoubtedly proved to be one of the best sites in the South of England, and is fundamental to our level of understanding of prehistoric activity in the Cambridgeshire area." Moertiner added: "It has revealed a complex, ever-evolving landscape populated by inhabitants who had access to some of the finest material benefits of the periods they lived in."

Edited from Cambridge News (11 November 2013)

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