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20 November 2013
Chavin oracle discovered in Peru

A civilisation known as the Chavin culture was prevalent in the South American country of Peru from approximately 900-200 BCE, pre-dating the Inca civilisation. It flourished in the northern Andean highlands and its influence spread along the western seaboard of South America. The Chavin people were quite advanced and evidence has been found of large drainage systems, acoustic engineering in building design and an extensive knowledge of metallurgy.
     Now it is believed that a religious centre for the culture has been discovered in the northern Peruvian region of Lambayeque. A specialist archaeological team had been working in the area for a month before the discovery was made (named as the Oracle of Congona).
     Walter Alva, who heads up the team from the Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum, is quoted as saying "We're thinking that it's an oracle from the Chavin epoch, with subterranean structures, enclosures and spaces reserved for the Chavin priests. The central part of the temple is where two monoliths were found that bear images typical of the Chavin culture".

Edited from Global Post (31 October 2013)

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