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20 November 2013
New app to explore the archaeology of Wales

In what is believed to be a first anywhere in the world, the combined Welsh Archaeological Trusts have teamed up with the University of South Wales to launch the Archwilio app, available on android smartphones via the Google Play store.
     The App is very easy to navigate and is available in both Welsh and English. The information covers over 100,000 archaeological sites and gives access to the Historic Environment Records of Wales, from prehistory right up to the 20th Century. The information has been available via the website for some time but the App brings it into the 21st Century.
     Louise Austin, who is head of heritage management at Dyfed Archaeological trust, is excited by the development "This is a world-first for Wales and enables archaeological records for the whole of the country to be available on one app. However, the archaeology of Wales is a truly moveable feast and that is the beauty of the new Archwilio tool. The technology enables us to update records as soon as new evidence for existing archaeological features is found or as new sites are uncovered in Wales. We look forward to interacting with users and being able to update and add new records as a result of their discoveries".

Edited from Wales Online (7 November 2013)

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