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11 January 2014
Stone circle in the Isle of Man threatened by vehicles

The area around one of the Isle of Man's most important archaeological monuments, the Neolithic stone circle at Meayll Hill, Rushen, has been badly churned up by four-wheel vehicles and motorcyclists over the Christmas period.
     Port Erin resident Philip Maddrell, who walks there several times a week, said something should be done to protect the area. "It's just spoiling it for everybody," he said. Mr Maddrell said similar damage was done to the area last year and he got in touch with the Department of Infrastructure's public rights of way division. "They said they'd send someone down, I never heard from them."
     The land is owned by Manx National Heritage (MNH) whose site manager at Cregneash Helen Ashcroft said such activity is antisocial and illegal. "Antisocial acts such as this threaten public freedoms, put our National Trust land and monuments at risk and are an offence according to the by-laws of the Manx Museum and National Trust. We ask that the Manx public use our sites responsibly by not partaking in activities which cause damage to National Trust property, lands and the environment and by reporting any accidental or witnessed damage."
     She added: "Anyone with concerns about activities being undertaken on the Meayll Peninsular should contact me as the site manager on 496590."

Edited from IOM Today (11 January 2014)

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