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15 February 2014
Dartmoor tomb grave goods examined

Archaeologists from around the UK have been examining prehistoric jewellery, animal pelts, and amber beads - among the finds unearthed about two years ago in a undisturbed 4,000-year-old tomb on Dartmoor, in southwest England. Dartmoor National Park archaeologists have called it the most important ancient find on the moor.
     The intact burial of cremated remains was found wrapped in an animal pelt containing a delicate bracelet studded with tin beads, a textile fragment with detailed leather fringing, and a unique coiled bag. Helen Williams, a conservator at the Wiltshire laboratory, said: "It's the most extraordinary assortment of finds, with tin beads and wooden ear studs."
     Just eight beads had previously been found on Dartmoor in the last 100 years. Archaeologists say the discovery also points to the earliest evidence of tin found in the South West.

Edited from BBC News (7 February 2014)

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