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21 March 2014
Valdals hit Nine Ladies stone circle

A Bronze Age stone circle in England ago has been vandalised. Residents living near the Nine Ladies stone circle near Stanton Moor in the Peak District found the stones had been painted. English Heritage said it was working with the local authority and police to investigate the damage.
     Each of the stones were drawn on with green and yellow paint. Anna Tattler, who lives nearby, said: "It is atrocious. It is a really special place and used for people to come and spend quiet, contemplative time here. It is a real shame the vandals have not recognised their importance and to deface them like that is pretty awful."
     In 2000, environmental protesters had camped at the site in a long-running campaign against plans to reopen two dormant quarries near the monument. Permission for the planning application was eventually revoked in 2008.
     An English Heritage spokesman said the site may need specialist conservation work to remove the paint in order to avoid further damage. He added: "Please don't try to remove the paint yourself as it could cause further damage."

Edited from BBC News (18 March 2014)

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