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21 March 2014
Storms expose prehistoric human remains on Cornish beach

Efforts are under way to identify ancient human remains found on a Cornish beach (England). Archaeologists believe the bones, exposed by storms in a cliff at Harlyn bay near Padstow, could be those of a young Iron Age or Bronze Age woman. Once they have been radiocarbon dated it is hoped they will go on show at the Royal Cornwall Museum.
     Archaeologist Andy Jones said there had been a lot of Bronze and Iron Age burials in the area. Mr Jones, from Cornwall Council's historic environment service, said: "Based on what has been found before from the vicinity we thought there was a very good chance they were either going to be Bronze Aged or Iron Aged."
     A member of the public reported the discovery to the police after noticing the cliff face had changed and the bones were in view following this year's winter storms. The passerby suspected the remains to be human. Police and council officers then visited the site and an exhumation followed.

Edited from BBC News (18 March 2014)

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