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19 July 2014
8,000-year-old skull found in Norway

Archaeologists in Norway have found what could be an 8,000 year old human skull containing traces of brain matter. The finding at a site in Stokke, Vestfold, was among a number of discoveries unearthed during the excavation. It is too early to tell whether the bone remains are those of a human child or an animal, but early tests have dated the skull to around 5,900 BCE.
     Gaute Reitan, dig site leader, said that the 'one of a kind' skull contained a grey substance that appeared to be brain matter. "When we dug out some sample squares here, very early on we came down to masses of soil, rich in carbon. We sent samples of this soil for fast dating in order to find a little more out of what we were dealing with. The bones in the pit are just as old," Retian said.

Edited from The Local (10 July 2014), The Independent (15 July 2014)

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