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25 July 2014
Ancient Scottish rock carving may be uncovered again

A precious rock carving that was found and then deliberately lost again, may be about to make a re-appearance in Central Scotland. The rock carving, known locally as the Cochno stone, is believed to be at least 5,000 years old and is etched into a stone measuring a mighty 13 metres by 8 metres. Originally uncovered by rev James Harvey in 1887, it was recommended to be re-buried in 1964, to prevent vandalism and damage from an unstoppable urban sprawl, which was edging closer and closer.
     There are dozens of scrolls and radiating lines adorning the stone which have, over the years, spawned several theories on their meaning. Alexander McCallum, a history researcher, sums then up when he says "Some people think that the Cochno stone is a map showing the other settlements in the Clyde Valley - that's one of the theories. I think that it was probably used for lots of things; it was never used just for one thing and over hundreds of years it changed use. As far as the symbolism goes some believe it's a portal of life and death, rebirth, a womb and a tomb - people believed in re-incarnation, so they would go into the earth and then come out again".
     West Dunbartonshire Council have promised to talk to Historic Scotland to discover and develop ways in which sustainable ideas can be developed to allow the stone to be uncovered and protected

Edited from The Scotsman (18 July 2014)

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