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2 August 2014
Road improvements lead to finds in Philadelphia

In the course of upgrading a junction on the main American Interstate 95 highway in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, USA) some interesting archaeology has been uncovered. Artefacts dating from such diverse periods as 3,000 BCE and 1800 CE have been found. The earliest finds comprise tools, weapons and cooking utensils, which are similar to finds dated at 3,650 BCE uncovered along the Delaware River.
     Excavations have been completed on 2/3 of the 3-mile construction zone; the remaining 1/3 of this $342 million improvement project should be completed in the next two years.
     The Senior archaeologist working on the site, Douglas Mooney, is quoted as saying "There was this general sense that Native Americans have been gone (from this area) for years, but we found intact Native American sites - they never left. In a very real sense they have a presence here in Philadelphia".
     The finds will be exhibited at the First Presbyterian Church in Kensington, Philadelphia. In the meantime, it is possible to browse through the rich contents of the Digging i95 website.

Edited from NBC (18 July 2014)

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