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3 November 2014
Neolithic village found underwater in Poland

Under the surface of a lake in Northern Poland, known as lake Gil Wiekli, archaeologists have found evidence of what could prove to be the first Stone Age settlement found in Polish waters. The team carrying out the investigations comprises members from the Scientific Association of Polish Archaeologists and the Department of Underwater Archaeology from the Nicolaus Copernicus University of Torun (Poland).
     Several scanning techniques were used to map the underwater contours of the lakes, which were then studied to identify areas which could be of archaeological interest. Once these had been identified then penetrating radar was employed to further examine the sediment, prior to any excavation being carried out.
     Dr Andrzej Pydyn, leader of the research team, is quoted as saying "In shallow water in the reservoir we found a large amount of animal bones, renmains of tools made of antler and numerous fragments of pottery, used at various times by ancient communities. Among them, the framents that caught our attention relate to tradition of late Neolithic, probably associated with the so-called Corded Ware culture".
     This is only one of several underwater sites being investigated and the results of the analyses of the latest finds are eagerly awaited.

Edited from Science & Scholarship in Poland (15 October 2014)

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