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13 December 2014
Man in USA finds spearhead dating back thousands of years

The ancient Native American artefact was found last month, deep in the sand near Concord, New Hampshire, about 100 kilometres north-northwest of Boston, in the northeast USA.
     Harry Lewis was using an excavator to extract fine sand more than 3 metres beneath the surface, to make adobe for a building project.
     Soon after he began sifting the sand, he found a rock which someone ages ago had worked to a well-crafted point. "I knew it was too big, too long to be an arrowhead, so it had to be a spearhead," he said. "You can see where they sharpened it with one rock beating on another one." Local experts say it is from the end of the Archaic Period, and between 4,000 and 7,000 years old.
     The spot where Lewis was digging is in a valley, which Lewis says was formerly the heart of a giant lake. He thinks that it would have been a safe spot to catch fish, since it would have offered a distant view in either direction.
     Nancy Chabot, curator of the Mount Kearsarge Indian Museum, notes that the area has been home to natives for at least 10,000 years, and guesses the spearhead would have been used in fishing, but said it also could have been a knife on a wooden handle,
     Lewis said he'd like to have experts check out the site, thinking that he'd perhaps be able to discover more pieces of interest. He said he has four daughters and one of them tried to stake a claim to the spearhead. He told her that wouldn't be fair to her sisters, and she replied, "Keep digging."

Edited from Concord Monitor (1 December 2014)

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