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11 April 2015
Megalithic cist burial unearthed in India

A megalithic cist burial was found in Khammam (India) in front of SR&BGNR Government Degree and P G College by workers while they were digging a pit as part of the ongoing road widening works.
     The sprawling college campus has over 20 megaliths scattered randomly across the complex. Various historical objects including pottery, iron implements and skeletal remains were earlier discovered from the megalithic site during an archaeological excavation conducted on the premises of the campus in 2012.
     Meanwhile, some faculty members of the History Department of the college informed the officials of the Department of Archaeology and Museums and other allied departments about the discovery of a megalithic cist burial in front of the college. They sought the intervention of the district authorities to ensure retrieval and preservation of the archaeological remains.

Edited from The Hindu (10 April 2015)

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