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11 April 2015
Iron Age finds in Buckinghamshire

Archaeologists evaluating a field in Cheddington (Buckinghamshire, England) have unearthed over 60 shards of Iron Age pottery.
     Planning permission has already been granted for the site at Great Seabrook Farm to be turned into a solar farm. In December, Cotswold Archaeology carried out an assessment of the land. Iron Age pottery was found in three ditches and one of the pits dug by the team.
     In their submitted report to the council, archaeologists state this may hint at a previously unknown Iron Age settlement in the area. The report stated: "Fieldwalking at Grove Farm, 350 metres east of the site, recorded an extensive scatter of Iron Age pottery, which might indicate the presence of an otherwise unknown Iron Age settlement."
     In all, 63 remnants of pottery - lacking the decoration of later periods - were found, as well as a number of work flints suggesting earlier Bronze Age activity. Bone fragments from cattle and dogs were found, along with the molar tooth of a sheep. The finds are now at CA's site in Milton Keynes, due to be moved to Bucks County Museum.

Edited from Leighton Buzzard Observer (10 April 2015)

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