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12 May 2015
Iron Age man with shield unearthed in England

An archeological dig in Pocklington (East Riding of Yorkshire, England) has unearthed a prehistoric man buried with a shield. The skeleton was found in one of the square barrows at the recently discovered Iron Age burial ground on Burnby Lane.
     MAP Archaeological Practice, the company which is carrying out the excavation work, says it has also discovered a man 'of an impressive stature.' The site has so far yielded more than 38 square barrows and in excess of 82 burials. Several of the square barrows contain personal possessions, including jewellery, and a sword has also been discovered. So far the findings have been associated with the Arras culture of the middle to late Iron Age in Eastern Yorkshire.
     Paula Ware, of MAP Archaeological Practice, said: "To present Burnby Lane has unveiled some excellent prehistoric artefacts, that are really unique."
     It is not yet known how long archeologists will be at the site for, but it is predicted that the archaeological dig will last throughout the summer.

Edited from Pocklington Post (30 April 2015)

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