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6 July 2015
Digging a prehistoric hillfort in Wales

Archaeologists have returned to the sprawling Cardiff site where a series of discoveries were made in 2014, revealing that the hillfort was occupied from the Stone Age through the Roman era and beyond.
     Following last year's emergence of five large roundhouses, a roadway, a decorated bead and extensive assemblages of pottery from the Iron Age, around 200 members of the public are expected to help Cardiff University experts at Caerau Hillfort - a 'significant' yet largely unknown prehistoric settlement.
     Neolithic flint tools and weapons dated to around 3,600 BCE, and Roman pottery remains were also found among impressive ramparts in the suburbs of the Welsh capital.
     "Given that the site is five hectares in size, we're hopeful that the best is yet to come," says Dr Dave Wyatt, co-director of the CAER heritage project which has been supported by more than 2,000 local people since 2013. "Last year some mind-blowing discoveries were made which pushed back the origins of Cardiff deep into time. But we believe we're still just scratching the surface of this incredible site, so who knows what will be uncovered this year."
     The scheme looks to involve school pupils, young people facing exclusion, residents who have been unemployed for a prolonged period of time and the retired, encouraging participants to learn about geophysical surveying, post-excavation analysis and other techniques.
     "Our challenge this year is to attract twice as many visitors and get the people of South Wales to value this amazing site and the remarkable communities that live in its shadow," says Olly Davies, a fellow co-director from the university's School of History, Archaeology and Religion.
     "As always, we warmly welcome people to come along simply to visit or to roll up their sleeves for this important fourth season."

Edited from Culture24 (26 June 2015)

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