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24 September 2015
Ancient site on Skye to be investigated

Excavations of a Mesolithic site on Skye (Inner Hebrides, Scotland) could give new insights into the lives of some of the island's earliest residents. Archaeologists believe the location above Staffin Bay has the remains of a house that could be 8,000 years old.
     Mesolithic flints have previously been found in an area of eroded grazing land near the site. Archaeologists will work with Staffin Community Trust and volunteers in making small excavations.
     Archaeologist Dan Lee said the dig at the site of "important prehistoric occupation" had "huge potential". Staffin Community Trust director Dugald Ross added: "Despite Staffin having a wealth of prehistoric remains, this is the area's first archaeological excavation in 20 years and its Mesolithic potential is intriguing and exciting."
     Important finds from the Mesolithic period have been made elsewhere in the Highlands and Islands. Four years ago, archaeologists said they believed the remains of burned oak uncovered at the site of the first Sainsbury's in the Highlands was evidence of an ancient 'rest stop'. Radiocarbon dating of the hearth placed it in the Mesolithic period.

Edited from BBC News (2 September 2015)

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