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4 October 2015
Mesolithic artifact discovered on Skye

A piece of bone possibly handcrafted into a shape for use as a toggle or bead has been uncovered during an archaeological dig on Skye (Inner Hebrides, Scotland.). Archaeologists hope further analysis of the find will connect it to Mesolithic hunter-gatherers who lived on the island 8,000 years ago. Flints were also found during September's dig above Staffin Bay.
     Dan Lee, of University of the Highlands and Islands' (UHI) Archaeology Institute, said the site may have been one of several along Staffin Bay where hunter-gatherers gathered and worked stone and bone. These people may also have hunted fish and mammals at the mouth of the nearby Kilmartin River. He said: "Hopefully we have enough material for radiocarbon dates and further excavation would be useful to better define the extent of the site.
     Trust director Dugald Ross added: "The excavation has given us the opportunity of adding to our knowledge of early habitation of Staffin and although the circular foundation now appears to be a later date than initially thought, the lower levels have yielded material which is typical of the first groups of people to have arrived in Scotland after the last Ice Age."

Edited from BBC News (1 October 2015)

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