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21 October 2015
Sardinian menhir stolen and recovered

The San Nicola menhir is a standing stone from the Copper Age (2500 BCE - 1800 BCE) that used to lay on its side on the countryside near Sarroch, in Sardinia (Italy). Last September, the 1.9m tall stone was reported as missing by the Sacso e S'Arrocca archaeology groups. Representatives of the group reported the theft to the local Carabinieri station, and asked local people for help to relocate the ancient monument.
     The San Nicola menhir is about 80cm wide at its base and it does taper off toward the other end, which is about 50m wide. The total weight should be around one ton, but this didn't stop the thief.
     Fortunately, on September 25th the Carabinieri - who were making a thorough search on the area - found the menhir hidden inside a sheepfold on Pula countryside. The owner of the sheepfold is a 51-year-old man that has been charged of dealing stolen goods. The Carabinieri believe that the standing stone was stolen to order and it could have been sold to some private collector, probably outside the island.
     Now the San Nicola menhir has been confiscated and handed to culture councillor of Sarroch town Council. We hope it could be re-erected and adequately protected.
Edited from Sarroch Nuragica (7 September 2015), L'Unione Sarda (25 September 2015)

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