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21 October 2015
Five-year-old boy finds Bronze Age arrowhead

A Bronze Age flint arrowhead has been found on the Isle of Wight (England) by a five-year-old primary school pupil on land behind Lanesend Primary School in Cowes.
     Archaeologist Frank Basford dated the arrowhead to between 2,500 BCE and 1,500 BCE and said it was the 'best condition' find of its kind he had seen.
     Teacher Tara Hopkinson said her class were "very excited" by the find. "We've been learning about dinosaurs and at first the children thought it was a dinosaur tooth," she added. It is thought it may have been turned up by workmen before being found last week.
     Mr Basford, of the Portable Antiquities Scheme at the British Museum, described it as "a complete Early Bronze Age barbed and tanged flint arrowhead". It has been returned to the school where it has been put on display.

Edited from BBC News (19 October 2015)

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