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24 January 2016
Sounds of the Bronze Age to be studied

A researcher at the University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI) hopes to gain an understanding of sounds heard thousands of years ago. Michelle Walker's investigation will involve a cave in Moray (Scotland) where human remains from the Late Bronze Age were previously found by archaeologists.
     It is believed prehistoric people buried their dead in the cave in rituals involving beating a drum. Ms Walker has proposed beating a drum in the same location. The UHI graduate believes the acoustics of Sculptors Cave where the bodies were laid could have affected mourners' mood.
     In her study, volunteers will be asked to complete a questionnaire with 10 questions designed to record their thoughts and feelings during the two minutes of drumming. The research, known as archaeoacoustics, has previously given archaeologists a better understanding of how sound behaves inside Neolithic temples in England and Ireland.

Edited from BBC News (14 January 2016)

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