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13 April 2016
Traces of ancient humans found in Vietnam

In what has been described as a breakthrough, Vietnamese and Russian archaeologists have found valuable artifacts in the Central Highlands province of Gia Lai that they say belonged to ancient humans around 800,000 years ago.
     The traces of homo erectus, including fossils and more than 200 stone tools, were discovered at 12 locations around An Khe Town, according to the findings announced by the scientists. It was "the biggest and most important" archeological discovery not only for Vietnam but Asia, Dr. Nguyen Giang Hai, chief of Vietnam's Institute of Archeology, said.
     The Russian team worked with the Vietnamese institute on the two-year excavation. The archaeologists are expected to organize an international conference to publish the findings. Huynh Nu Thu Ha, vice chairwoman of the People's Committee of Gia Lai, said the Vietnamese province will launch a project to preserve the ancient sites.

Edited from Tanh Nien News (4 April 2016)

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