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23 April 2016
Untouched Bronze Age burial mound discovered in England

Archaeology crowdfunding platform 'DigVentures' has launched a campaign to excavate a rare unexplored Bronze Age barrow in the northwest of England, in what will be the first scientific excavation of an undisturbed burial mound from the period in the region in over 50 years.
     Preliminary investigations suggest the monument was in use for 1,500 years from the Late Neolithic period to the Middle to Late Bronze Age.
     The site was found when an amateur metal detectorist found a Bronze Age knife and a chisel in a small field and reported them to the Portable Antiquities Scheme. Both artefacts are rare for the area, and remarkably well preserved.
     Supporters of the project will be given training by recognised experts, get exclusive digital access to project data and the chance to participate in the expedition, scheduled for the 4th to the 7th of July.
     A seaside 'pop-up museum' will broadcast the excavations live, and display finds to the public.

Edited from Culture24 (14 March 2016)

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