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19 December 2016
Late Bronze Age crown found in Greece

A rare crown dated to the later Bronze Age (1,500-1,200 BCE) was discovered on the skull of a young girl in a grave in a large prehistoric cemetery in central Macedonia. The crown had three rows of jewels.
     Other valuable personal items were also found. Archaeologist Konstantinos Noulas says the skeleton was in a strongly contracted position, adorned with numerous jewels and precious items, including a necklace with glass beads and a semi-precious carnelian gemstone, a bracelet, and three bronze finger rings. A bronze belt was around the girl's waist. Pottery surrounded the interior of the grave. The cause of her death remains unknown.
     The town where the grave is located is the most significant city in the region, and one of the most important settlements in Macedonia. Mattheos Besios, the head archaeologist of the excavations on site, says that nearly 1,100 graves were found in the cemetery outside the northern gates of the town, dating from the later Bronze Age through to the Hellenistic period.

Edited from Tornos News (10 December 2016)

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