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31 August 2017
Nine Bronze Age tombs discovered in Eastern Romania

In Cârlomăneşti, in Eastern Romania's Buzău county nine tombs that date back to the Bronze Age have recently been identified. The graves were identified by specialists from the Buzău county museum, along with other objects that are to be restored and displayed. This comes after recent work in the area following a short excavation hiatus. The tombs are believed to be part of a culture who lived in the area between 2000 - 1600 BCE.
     According to Mihai Constantinescu, a researcher at the Anthropology Institute of the Bucharest Academy said: "Some tombs are located closer to the surface and were not so well preserved because of the agriculture works. But those deeper in the ground have rich inventories. Each tomb usually has a minimum of three jugs. There are also bronze pieces, items used for keeping braided hair together, bracelets, bronze collars, spindles, very beautiful jugs, unique in the Bronze Age in Romania for their shape and preservation. We found a dove-shaped jug with eight bone fragments from pig feet, probably used as toys."
     While another project looks to be developing at an archaeological park in Cârlomăneşti, the finds from the will join the existing Bronze Age finds at the Buzău County Museum

Edited from Romania Insider (20 July 2017)

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