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31 August 2017
British experts reconstruct Neolithic man's face

There is a fascinating Department within the Liverpool John Moores University (UK) called 'Face Lab'. Scientists in the laboratory utilise a craniofacial computer system to re-create faces just using the skeletal remains and a database of anatomical structures & facial features.
     In the past they have used these techniques to depict the faces of key historical figures such as Richard III, Robert the Bruce and J.S. Bach. They have now turned their attention on the remains of a 4.500 year old man, who was first excavated in the Derbyshire in the 1930s with the excavation being completed in the 1980s.
     His remains were found in a well-documented burial mound known as Liff's Low bowl barrow. Using conventional research techniques his height, age and sex were determined but this has now been enhanced by the addition of the 3D facial image.
     Claire Miles, collection assistant at Buxton Museum where his remains are kept, is quoted as saying "This reconstruction really allows people to see them [ancient peoples] as people rather than a set of bones and hopefully make them interested in the way that they lived". As well as bringing ancient people to life the technique has also been used to trace migration patterns in ancient peoples and also help identify modern victims of crime as well as victims of mass disasters.

Edited from LiveScience (10 July 2017)

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