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17 October 2017
Dolmens dating back to around 3,000 years found in southern India

A team of archaeologists has discovered more than 300 dolmens reportedly dating back to 3,000 years near Mallasandram (Krishnagiri district, southern India). They said it was for the first time such a large number of dolmens was discovered from a single place in the region.
     The ancient tombs were found amidst a heap of stones atop the 'Moral rock hillock' in Mallasandram. "The exact age of the dolmens can be ascertained only after lab tests. Most dolmens are in a damaged condition. Some of them were eroded over the years, while others were damaged by miscreants," said Aram A Krishnan, president of Aram Historical Research Centre (AHRC). Krishnan said all the dolmens had carvings on one side.
     Krishnan said his team has sent a few samples of the stones for lab test. The archaeologists also urged the state government and the Central Archaeological Survey of India to take steps to preserve the dolmens. People have damaged some dolmens while searching for precious metals such as gold and silver. "We should take steps to preserve the dolmens as they tell ancient history to younger generations," Krishnan added.

Edited from The Times of India (21 September 2017)

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