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2 December 2017
Mystery surrounds 2,400 year old find in Ontario

In the province of Ontario (Canada), lies a city called Mississauga. In the distant past, before European settlers moved here, in fact nearly 2,400 years ago, Iroquois Indians were travelling the land adjoining the Credit River, which runs through the heart of the city. They were not settlers, being more nomadic, so they only set up seasonal camps which would, however, provide enough evidence to show that they had been there.
     Now the Ministry of Transportation in Ontario (MTO) have plans to enhance their facilities in the area and this has prompted an archaeological dig to see if there is anything of interest before construction starts. Whilst little information has been issued by MTO it is clear that there has been a significant find. One thing that is clear is that the find centres around the discovery of an Iroquois seasonal settlement, initially dated as being within the Early Woodland period (1,000 BCE to 500 CE).
     The local group, Heritage Mississauga, is quite excited about what has been uncovered so far and Matthew Wilkinson, a historian with the group, is quoted as saying "Whatever it is they found it offers a glimpse into a lesser known part of our past. If it is a village of some kind that would be remarkable". Unfortunately the MTO is very reluctant to share any information at this stage, which leads to speculation that it could be quite significant. A spokesperson for the MTO, Valentina Stankovic, is quoted as saying "To maintain a respectful relationship with our key stakeholders, the ministry is unable to share additional information at this time".
Edited from Mississauga.com (22 September 2017)

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