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2 December 2017
Rescue archaeology in England uncovers rare jewellery

As part of the Planning Approval for a proposed Eastern Bypass for Lincoln, in Eastern England, archaeologists from Network archaeology Ltd were called in to carry out rescue archaeology prior to any ground works being undertaken. What they found actually had them puzzled. They found a small object made of a material similar to jet and looking like a piece of jewellery.
     Their puzzlement was caused by the fact that the artefact was in such an amazingly good condition that they initially thought that it was contemporary and had been dropped by one of the team in the course of the excavations.
     Further analysis proved that it was jet and that it was of Bronze Age vintage, and they believed it to a 'waisted stud' or earring, actually proving to be a very rare find for the British Isles. It was of such fine and delicate quality that it could only have belong to an elite female, giving the site even more significance.
Edited from Lincolnshire Live (29 October 2017)

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